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Date: Thu 03/15/2007
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Whine & Dine


The puffy taco is a San Antonio favorite, made with corn-tortilla shells that are pillowy, rather than crispy. But Whiners aren't finding them locally.

Puffy tacos?

John Wells tried puffy tacos during a recent visit to the Alamo City and said they were "fantastic. ... Houstonians don't know what they are missing."

Janice Merck remembers them from Bertha's Mexican Restaurant, "The place to eat lunch" when she moved to Houston in the '70s.

If you're in the mood for fish tacos - the standard kind - David Robinson says they're "spectacular" at Berryhill Baja Grill in the Heights.

Here, kitty kitty

Katz's Del i & Bar, the 24-hour joint on lower Westheimer, opened a Woodlands outpost last year, but some customers are clamoring for more.

"Why in the world would they open a Katz's in The Woodlands and not in Sugar Land?" demands Janice Eckhardt. "They need to do the demographics!"

We tried to find out if more restaurants were in the works, but Katz's general manager Jennifer Williams wouldn't spill.

For now, you'll have to make the drive to Montrose or The Woodlands.

Currying favors

To Beverlee Steinberg, who is looking for homestyle Indian curries, Ryan Oommen likes Shiva Indian Restaurant in Sugar Land and the Rice Village for its "authentic food. ... Check them out; every experience I've had was better than the previous one."

Joan Camenson recommends Taj India Restaurant on Highway 6 near West Little York for its "wonderful curries."

Camenson also responds to C. Harrison, the former Californian seeking Mexican (rather than Tex-Mex) food: " Romero's Las Brazas on Longenbaugh at Highway 6 has wonderful Mexican food."

Linda Ashby, originally from Arizona, suggests Los Cucos Mexican Cafe. There are several; she frequents the Memorial location because it's "inexpensive (with) lots of combinations" and "the Cucorita is the tastiest margarita in Houston."

For Cheryl Hosel, seeker of Mexican breakfasts in Clear Lake, Roy A. Bobo II suggests El Sentinela Mexican Restaurant in League City. He's "eaten here several times over the past 20 years."

His other fave is Esteban's Cafe and Cantina, also in League City, which serves "the best Tex-Mex in the Clear Lake area" - but doesn't open until 11 a.m.

Take it outside

"Obnoxious loud (cell phone) talkers" get on G.L. Watson's "last nerve. One has to be a first-class jerk to think an entire restaurant wants to hear every single word of their phone conversation."

She's not afraid to accost the offender, either, though the chatterbox may not appreciate it. "It's amazing when these people have the audacity to be offended when someone confronts them (about) their over-the-top, classless display of inconsideration."

Early-morning satisfaction

Joseph Johansen's breakfast bagel sandwich at the Hot Bagel Shop on South Shepherd was made all the better by "some of the best service" he's ever experienced.

His server was "friendly (and) helpful," while another staffer "(answered) questions for a customer about their bagel, with a smile. ... Makes me wonder why good service seems to stand out. Maybe because it is less common than bad service?"

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